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TIENS Positive Energy Music Waist Band WEIGHT-REDUCING BELT

Tiens Positive Energy Music waistband for weight loss with the help of music Easy to wear Also you can use while driving
You can wear it to any part of your body.


  • Lack of exercises
  • Obesity=disease
  • Unhealthy high fat diet
  • Excessive sugar intake
  • Stress & tension
Tiens Positive Energy Music waistband
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1. Massage through vibration,  5 strong high-speed fat smashing motors are designed to shape the body with a speed of 5800r/min, with 8 vibrating modes.

 Cycle Hammering Interval Shaping Finger-massage Spot touching Vibration All-around Different vibration mode improves blood Circulation, hence helps in toning the muscles, to reduce weight

2. Magnetic therapy 4 super strong magnets in the belt create a strong magnetic field around the desired part of the body.The8:100 magnetic wave correct molecules in the body, which means the wave affects the cells and fluid without puncturing the skin.

The magnetic wave improves blood flow to the skin and surrounding area. CONTROL PANEL LCD DISPLAY PROGRAM TIMER POWER HOW TO USE CONTROLLER? 1. POWER (on/off),  press the button for on and off

2. PROGRAM: set 8 different vibration modes. When”0” is an LCD, it indicates all 8 modes

3. TIMER: the key includes 9 durations, with 5 minutes increase each, up to 40minutes. “FF” indicates no break.

 HOW TO USE Tiens Positive Energy Music waistband?
How to Use Tiens Positive Energy Waist Band Watch Video

1. The belt can be used on desired body parts such as waist/back/hips/knees/hands/legs/thigh/shoulders, etc

2. Tie the belt around the required part adjust them to fit.

3. Press Power to switch on

4. Select time by using a Timer. When FF is selected, the belt will work for 40 minutes with no break

5. Use Program to select 1of the 8 slimming modes

 6. When select time is over, the belt stops automatically.

7. Designed to use while driving by plugging the cable into the smoking socket of the car


1. A patient using pace-maker, or having metallic implants in the body

2. Pregnant woman

 3. 6 months after surgery

 4. Woman in menstruation and having excessive blood

5. Patient on dialysis.

6. Patient with bleeding piles.

 7. Patient of malignant tumor


1. It is normal to feel an itch, or sweat, numbness after using.

2. Keep Belt away from sharp or heavy items, moisture, heat.

3. When using Belt around the waist, Use 2-3 hrs after a meal.

4. Drink a glass of warm water after using.

5. Disconnect power supply after using.

6. Clean only with wet cloth or sponge,  DO NOT WASH

7. After using 40 minutes, stop for 10 minutes to prolong Belt life.

8. Do not disassemble the Belt SPECIFICATION: Power : AC220V,DC12V Length : 1.4m Speed : 5800r/m

TIENS Positive Energy Music Waist Band
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TIENS Positive Energy Music Waist Band
Tiens Positive Energy Music waistband for weight loss with the help of music Easy to wear Also you can use while driving. You can wear it at any part of your body.
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