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Women AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin Night Use

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Night Use Sanitary Napkin (8 Pads)


Women AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin – Soft Cotton Layer – Night Use ( 8 pcs )

Women AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin Night Use Sanitary Napkin (8 Pads)

The extra long, bodyline shape overnight sanitary napkin is designed to give you a good nights sleep.

It is super absorbent, ultra thin for your comfort and prevents leakage.

1st layer: Silk-thin soft cotton surface layer, promoting fast absorption.

2nd layer: Advanced active oxygen & negative ion pads that restrain bacteria and provide double protection.

3rd layer: Unique design of flow layer which accelerates liquid pervasion, enables quick absorption and avoids side leakage.

4th layer: Air-laid paper.

5th layer: Polymer with powerful water retention ability.

6th layer: Air-laid paper.

7th layer: Breathable base membrane with leakage prevention feature and possesses good permeability, making the delicate skin dry and comfortable.

8th layer: easy to peel off, intermittent adhensive design, conforming to ergonomics.


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