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Tianshi Tiens pakistan products Music waistband

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Tianshi Tiens pakistan products Positive Energy Music Waist Band Belt Weight Reducing

Tianshi tiens pakistan products Positive Energy Music waistband for weight loss with the help of music Easy to wear Also you can use while driving
You can wear it at any part of your body.

HOW TO USE Tianshi tiens tiens pakistan products waistband THE BELT?

  1. Belt can be used on desired body parts such as waist/back/hips/knees/hands/legs/thigh/shoulders, etc
  2. Tie the belt around the required part adjust the to fit .
  3. Press Power to switch on
  4. Select time by using Timer. When FF is selected, belt will work for 40 minutes with no break
  5. Use Program to select 1o f the 8 slimming modes
  6. When select time is over, belt stops automatically.
  7. Designed to use while driving by plugging the cable into the smoking socket of the car


Tianshi tiens pakistan products Positive Energy Music Waist Band NOT TO BE USED BY:

  1. 1. Patient using pace-maker,or having metallic implants in body
  2. Pregnant woman
  3. 6 months after surgery
  4. Woman in menstruation and having excessive blood
  5. Patient on dialysis.
  6. Patient with bleeding piles.
  7. Patient of malignant tumor


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