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Tianshi Cordyceps Capsuls – 100 Cap

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Take 1 to 2 capsules with water, twice daily at mealtimes. Store in a dry place at room temperature.


Tianshi Cordyceps Capsuls – 100 Cap

Tianshi Cordyceps Capsuls

Supports the Immune System, Respiratory System and Supports Kidney Function.

Who Cordyceps Mycelium Capsules is suitable for?

  • Weak and low immunity, susceptible to cold;
  • Regular smokers, coughing and person with asthma;
  • Recovering from diseases or operations;
  • Impotent;
  • High blood fat or cardiovascular;
  • Diabetes;
  • Ill-functions of liver;
  • After chemo- or radiotherapy;
  • Busy work and tired;
  • Heavy pressure and poor sleep;
  • Frequent users of computer, mobile phone and microwave appliances.


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