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Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet -White Magic -Womens Edition

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Health effects of titanium

(1) Relieve the sore parts of the body, elevate muscle stiffness, and dispel fatigue; (2) Help the body to organize disorders current, relax the mind and relieve muscle tension; (3) Chemically stable, skin-friendly, unlikely to cause metal allergy.


Tiens Product Ti-Energy Bracelet (White Magic – Radiations Killer

Tiens product Ti-Energy bracelet with embodied titanium and combined

with magnets are unique in balancing the magnetic field as well as balancing

positive and negative ions in the human body. They can very effectively relieve

physical discomforts, promote blood circulation and effectively resist environmental

radiation. Titanium, also known as “pure titanium”, has super strength, high chemical

stability, and excellent biocompatibility. It is the only metal that has no adverse effect

on the human autonomic system and taste system and definitely does not cause any allergy.

At a room temperature, titanium generates a layer of thin, dense protective oxide film

on its surface that can resist strong acid corrosion. It remains intact when put into an acid,

alkali or salt solution while this will be a disaster for ordinary metals. In addition,

medical studies have shown that titanium has the ability to regulate the body’s currents through cell ionization,

making it the natural killer for electromagnetic radiation. At the same time,

adjustment of the body current improves blood circulation, and the increased blood flow,

in turn, helps eliminate fatigue factors and the agents in the blood generated by pain,

which is beneficial to both physical and mental health.


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