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Beats Pro By Dr Dre Tm 006 Bluetooth Headset

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Beats Pro By Dr. Dre Tm 006 Bluetooth Headset

Beats Pro Sound the way professional Engineers want to Hear It

Beats Pro Created with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Input from renowned audio pros across the globe and, and Beats main man Dr. Dre Beats is meticulously designed for audio and studio professionals, Monster and Dr. Dre joined forces to tune sound the way pros want to hear it. For engineers mixing a track or music enthusiasts who want to hear big club beats that kick beats deliver High-Quality sound for every genre of music.

Beats Pro Built for Extreme Durability

We know pros need a headphone capable of standing-Up to constant wear-and-tear. Beats by Dr. Dre is built with rugged. lightweight, high-genre aluminum for extreme durability. Its metal construction means they won’t responsible and introduce artifacts that interfere with the sound. So, if you plan to use them relentlessly on the road, in the studio, or in the club, always expect superb sound, even when the going gets rough. Beats by Dr. Dre holds up to your lifestyle.

Advanced Technology and Features From Moster for the Ultimate Pro Experience

Beats Pro features a unique new driver design built to reveal every note with crystal clear sound, extreme inner-detail and low punchy bass with distortion-free clarity. Plus, both ear clips flip up completely so can monitor external noise without having to take them off your head. And monster’s patent-pending dual input/output cable parts allow you to plug in on one side while the other serves as an output, so you can daisy chain multiple headphones if the music is your life. Beats Pro your headphones.



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