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Aqua-Pure Domestic RO Plant 100 GPD 2019

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 Aqua-Pure Domestic RO Plant 100 GPD 2019

Aqua-Pure Domestic RO Plant Price In Pakistan is very reasonable.


Domestic RO Plant Dimensions :

Inch (LxWxH) : (cm) 37 (L) x 45(H)A x 20 (W) – system.
Weight: 10.10 Kg (Approx.)
RO Membrane: 100Gpd
TDS Reduction : 90% (approx.)
Purification Stages: 08
Filters: PP Filter, Magnetic Softener, Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF, Ultraviolet technology, Post Carbon
Mineral Cartridge: Yes
UV Lamp: 11 W
Auto Flushing: Yes
Storage Tank Capacity: 18.0 Liters
Max. Duty Cycle: 200 Liters/24 Hour
Min. Inlet Water Pressure: 0.3 Kg/cm2
Input Voltage : 220V AC (50Hz)
Operating Voltage: 24V DC

Special Features:

Aqua-Pure Domestic RO Plant Under Sink and aesthetically designed with an opaque cover.
08-stages of water purification – maximum in industry.
Suitable for any source of feed water (having TDS < 2000) like tap water, bore well water or storage tank water.
100% water passes through Reverse Osmosis membrane; not bypassed for the increase of TDS.
Combination of Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, and Ultraviolet technology.
18.0 liters of storage capacity.
Mineral enrichment cartridge to add minerals to the water.
Nanosilver technology to inhibit bacterial growth.
Auto flush valve for flushing of impurities out of the membrane to enhance its life.
Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF.
Product water meets IS 14543 for packaged drinking water.
Food Grade (FDA Compliant) ABS used for housing.


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