Image source: OnLeaks / geeks in the past few days, the reports and rumors about the next iPhones have increased significantly. Even if you assume that some things turn out to be wrong, it now gives a fairly clear picture of what Apple is planning in terms of smartphones. The current reports on the iPhone models have intensified and some sources want new information, but there are some contradictions or, as 9 to5 Mac writes, simply confusing. This applies above all to a report by the Japanese blog Macotakara, which is considered to be well informed. According to the website, this is based on discussions with Apple suppliers at CES 2020 last week.

Because recently it was said repeatedly that Apple developed an updated version of the iPhone 8. According to Macotakara, “Apple could” prepare an updated iPhone 8 model with Face ID. This is said to exist parallel to the device with Touch ID (“iPhone 2 SE”) that have been appearing again and again in the rumor mill, the latter is expected for this spring.

iPhone SE 2

The device described as “iPhone 8 with A13 Bionic chip” according to Macotakara is also said to have a “much larger camera” than the original iPhone 8. What is meant here is the number of lenses (the iPhone 8 had one, the iPhone 8 Pro two optics on the back)? It is particularly confusing here whether the ” iPhone SE 2 ” or iPhone 9 has Face ID or Touch ID, possibly two different “cheap iPhones” are in the offing for spring.

Same size, more display

9to5Mac suspects that the Japanese blog has simply mixed up different rumors: Because Apple should prepare a 5.4-inch iPhone with Face ID for March, Macotakara might think that the overall size is similar to the iPhone 8. That also makes sense, since the iPhone 8 only had a 4.7-inch display, but also quite large edges. In other words, the device should offer more screens of the same size.


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