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With the iPhone SE, Apple first gave the idea of an iPhone space that can be cheaper. This year it is expected that Apple will take up this idea again and present the iPhone 9 alias iPhone SE 2 in addition to the new high-end iPhones. The first render images are now available.

The iPhone SE 2 shows up in the first render images
It is well known that Apple launched a real bestseller with the iPhone SE in 2016. Now the manufacturer seems so far to present a long-awaited reissue of the idea of the affordable iPhone model. It is currently not clear whether Apple will simply choose the name iPhone SE 2 or use the previously unused name iPhone 9 (we will use iPhone SE 2 in this article). On the other hand, render images of the well-known Steve Hemmerstoffer alias OnLeaks are a bit clearer, which can be expected visually from the new, more budget-friendly iPhone.

The iPhone SE 2 …… will probably come in 2020
Hemmerstoffer has teamed up with geeks to publish a series of images that show the iPhone SE 2 from all sides. It can be seen at first glance: The new model will in no way recall the design that was introduced with the iPhone X but will inherit its appearance from older models. The pictures show a device that evokes strong memories of the iPhone 8. The dimensions of 138.5 x 67.4 x 7.8 mm, which OnLeaks provides, come very close to the Apple flagship from 2017. The most significant difference, the 2020 model will be 7.8 mm (8.6 mm with camera boss) thicker than the iPhone 8, which came to 7.3 mm.

iPhone SE 2

According to OnLeaks, there will also be a difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2 on the back: While the model from 2017 relies on a glossy glass back, the 2020 model is equipped with frosted glass, according to the sneaker, just like for example with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Little information is currently available on the performance data. The 4.7-inch display relies on LCD technology, which should accommodate a Touch ID sensor in today’s chin, instead of the famous notch, there is a broad forehead on the top edge. Under the hood, the model will be powered by an A13 processor. On the back there should only be a camera sensor, what it does is not yet known.


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